How Can I Make Extra Money From Home in the Evenings UK?

How Can I Make Extra Money From Home in the Evenings UK?
How Can I Make Extra Money From Home in the Evenings UK?

How Can I Make Extra Money From Home in the Evenings UK?

If you’re looking for a way to make money from home in the evenings, consider mystery shopping. In this job, you visit shops and answer questions and complete a questionnaire. Companies like HGEM and Market Force hire people to do mystery shopping. Another popular opportunity is freelance writing. If you’re a good writer, there are many jobs available for freelance writers.

Renting out a room

If you have an extra room or space you no longer need, you can rent it out to third parties and earn a few extra pounds each month. There are several free websites that help you find tenants. The main thing you need to do is to furnish the room and set up a tenancy agreement. You can also use Airbnb to rent out rooms or entire homes.

Completing online surveys

If you are interested in making money at home in the evenings, online surveys can be a great way to do so. You can take surveys on a variety of subjects and receive cash rewards for your participation. Some surveys will only take a few minutes, while others may take up to half an hour. Before you begin, you should sign up for as many paid survey sites as possible. Once you’ve registered, you should set up a separate email address for each site. This will allow you to log in every day without the survey emails clogging up your personal inbox.

Many big brands hire mystery shoppers to give valuable feedback on their products and services. These individuals are required to have excellent communication skills, be well organized, and provide unbiased feedback. The tasks they undertake may range from taking photos of displays and products to assessing customer service. They often pay cash in the form of gift cards.

Although individual payouts for online surveys are small, it is possible to earn as much as PS800 a year. Online surveys are a legitimate way for brands to gauge public opinion. There are many sites that offer surveys for you to complete, including Branded Surveys, LifePoints, OnePoll, and InboxPounds. Paid survey sites will send you market research surveys that you can complete for cash. These payments are not huge, but if you can complete surveys on a regular basis, you can build up your earnings quickly.


If you’ve always wanted to work from home, tutoring could be the perfect opportunity. As a tutor, you’ll have the flexibility to set your own hours and read papers from students who need help with grammar, reading comprehension, and more. As a bonus, tutoring doesn’t require a degree or special training. All you need is patience and an approachable attitude.

Tutoring offers flexibility in your schedule, as you can work around study and other commitments. Parents are always looking for tutors for a variety of subjects. There’s a high demand for tutors for children taking major exams or entrance exams. Many parents are also looking for tutors for children who want to excel at the ballet. With the right experience and qualifications, you can earn over PS90 per hour.


Babysitting is an excellent way to earn some extra cash from home. It’s a job that doesn’t require any qualifications and is a flexible way to earn cash in your spare time. There are many childcare agencies that connect babysitters with families in need of extra help. Other options include full-day care or wraparound care for schoolchildren.

Selling old CDs and DVDs

If you have a vast collection of old CDs and DVDs lying around, you could sell them to make some money. These items are still in good working condition and can make you a good deal of cash. Besides selling your old CDs and DVDs, you can also sell books and other old items. There are websites that can value your collection and give you cash instantly.