What Is UWE IT Services and How Does It Work?

What Is UWE IT Services and How Does It Work?
What Is UWE IT Services and How Does It Work?

What Is UWE IT Services and How Does It Work?

If you’re wondering what UWE IT Services is all about, you’ve come to the right place. These services help UWE researchers with all kinds of computing needs. From e-mail and web content to Nasstar and Bristol Robotics Lab projects, they’re here to help you.

UWE IT Services

Nasstar was approached by UWE to provide Skype for Business hosting and migration. The team worked closely with UWE IT Operations to ensure a smooth transition. Using industry best practices, Nasstar built a highly available and highly resilient hybrid Skype for Business environment. This enabled 5,000 users to migrate to the new platform. It also enabled Enterprise Voice for 3,000 of them.

The upgrade helped the university move away from an unstable and unreliable system, enabling it to embrace a platform that will support the institution moving forward. Nasstar consultants also provided go-live support to the university during the Clearing period, ensuring zero issues. In addition, UWE Ventures aimed to create an environment where staff and students can feel comfortable and be pushed beyond their comfort zones.

With an increasing focus on digital learning, UWE Bristol is ensuring that students have access to the best possible tools to succeed. The University offers a range of services, including access to free resources and timetabled classes. The University also offers a library and career advice. Additionally, the Enterprise Team runs workshops on topics relevant to business, including accounting and writing a CV.


Leading provider of higher education technology solutions, Ellucian, announced a new partnership with UWE Bristol. The university will deploy Ellucian Banner Student, CRM Recruit and Advise Workflow, and Intelligent Learning Platform. The new cloud solutions will help the university meet changing student and staff needs.

Banner Student will replace disparate legacy student record systems to provide a more seamless student experience. It will also help the university achieve greater organizational alignment by integrating data across departments. It will be delivered through a managed cloud delivery model, enhancing security and scalability. The system will automate the management, compliance, and reporting of student information.

The CRM solution will help UWE Bristol engage the right students and retain them. The new system will integrate with Workflow and ILP, helping to streamline communication and collaboration among staff members. In addition, the software will help UWE improve retention rates and boost student success. Ultimately, the implementation of Actian will improve the university’s efficiency and reduce costs.


UWE IT SERVICES and Nasstar are partnering to upgrade the university’s Contact Centre infrastructure and bring it up to date. In two phases, Nasstar brought the university’s legacy Skype for Business estate up to date, removing legacy workarounds and creating a hybrid solution with high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. As a result, over 5,000 users at UWE were migrated to the new Skype for Business platform, Enterprise Voice was enabled for 3,000 users, and the Contact Centre solution was rebuilt for 150 agents.

The move to the new system gave the university more confidence that it would remain secure and stable. Staff and students are now confident that the new platform will support the university’s needs as it moves forward. By working with Nasstar and UWE, the university was able to reduce the overall project time and achieve a zero-issues go-live period.

Bristol Robotics Laboratory

Located at the University of Bristol, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory is home to internationally renowned robotics researchers. It provides robotics support for industry partners and academics alike. The laboratory is home to over two hundred industry practitioners and academics, who collaborate with the university to develop the latest in robotics, bioengineering, and intelligent autonomous systems.

The lab is located near the University’s Future Space. Students can take advantage of the collaborative environment offered at Future Space, including the Bristol Robotics Lab. In addition to working closely with the University, the Robotics Laboratory is also adjacent to the Health Tech Hub. The robotics team can help business owners overcome innovation challenges.

In addition to research, the lab is collaborating with Southmead Hospital to develop assistive robotic systems for older adults. It aims to create socially-assistive robots that can support older adults with age-related conditions and mobility problems. The collaboration will accelerate the development of robotic technologies for healthcare.

Residential incubation

The UWE IT Services residential incubation program is designed to provide a supportive environment for start-up businesses. UWE IT Services staff members will assist clients with their startup processes, and facilitate potential relationships with other business partners. The residential incubation program will initially open in January 2019. The project will be supported by the Regional Development Agency (RDA), SouthWest Incubation Network (SWIN), city council, and Business Link West.

In addition to residential incubation, UWE IT Services also offers a virtual incubation service. This option is perfect for businesses that are not yet ready to move to the physical campus. The virtual incubation service offers the same level of support, but without the physical requirements. The program can be accessed through a secure website.

UWE IT Services also offers other services for emerging enterprises, such as cloud computing and software development. Those looking to establish a cloud computing or data center will be able to utilize the expertise of UWE IT Services’ staff and students. The enterprise environment can be challenging due to teaching and staff commitments. However, it is well worth it for the small rewards and personal satisfaction that come from being part of a startup.

Skype for Business

Using Skype for Business, UWE IT Services can provide a more flexible communication solution for its staff and students. Nasstar worked closely with the university’s IT Operations team to deliver the project in two phases. During the first phase, Nasstar brought UWE’s Skype for Business estate up to date by removing legacy workarounds and building a hybrid solution with high availability and disaster recovery. A new version of the software was also deployed with Enterprise Voice, which enables 3,000 users to make and receive calls. As part of the Skype for a Business upgrade, Nasstar rebuilt the Contact Centre solution for 150 agents.

After the update is complete, Skype for Business users will be switched to Teams. This new software version will include the same features as Skype for Business, including the ability to collaborate with other Teams users. Skype for Business Online is compatible with Office 365. Users who aren’t in Teams Only mode will continue to use Skype for Business, but will only receive incoming chats and meetings. They will not be able to initiate or participate in meetings but will be able to attend those scheduled by users using Skype for Business Server.

Skype for Business is available for Windows computers only and is not available for Macs. It uses encrypted connections and network passwords to prevent unauthorized access. Users should only share network passwords with those they trust, and should not share this information with anyone else.

Contact Centre

After UWE IT Services decided to upgrade its Contact Centre with a Skype for Business solution, they faced a range of challenges including migration and integration issues. They were also faced with the challenge of balancing their home infrastructure and existing vendor technology. To meet their needs, Nasstar provided a hybrid solution that integrated with Skype for Business. This new contact centerWhat Is UWE IT Services How Work? the solution also enabled staff to work remotely, including from home, while maintaining a high level of service to prospective students.

The company’s contact center solution can handle multiple customer interaction channels, including voice, email, chat, SMS/text, IM, and web chat. The system can also integrate with CRM and business applications, providing real-time data to agents. This allows them to work efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.

The university is happy with the new system, which is more efficient and reliable than the previous one. The new system will support the university in its future growth. Moreover, it will also reduce the cost of maintenance. In addition to this, the university has already received positive feedback from staff and students alike.